• Melanie Rivera

A personal development session explained.

A personal development session will enable you to look at your own attitudes and behaviours. Typically if you are enrolled on one of the coaching courses/programs, the focus will be on your attitudes and behaviours, in relation to the themes of the topic areas.

For example on the integrity course (one of my personal development programs), Session three looks at self-esteem. The first half of the session mostly looks at evidenced based material about the definition of self-esteem, how it effects us when it is low, where it comes from, etc.

There is time to reflect on this then, and an opportunity for you (the client/service user), to talk about what it means to you personally, how this effects you in your own life, and what coping mechanisms if any you have found to be useful or not so useful. This self-examination of looking at your own attitudes and behaviours, builds on your self-awareness and enables you to better understand yourself.

In the second half of the session begins with a look at more evidenced based material, and Integrative therapies and strategies that help to overcome the unpleasant effects or symptoms of low self worth. For example, I explore the six pillars of self-esteem.

The coaching element of the program addresses lifestyle habits, that may need addressing if you are to improve your general health and well-being.

Finally, to round up the session you are taught techniques ( these include NLP, CBT and Mindfulness based ideas), that can help you on your journey towards having more self-acceptance, by practising new habits you can learn to build a healthy level of self worth.

At the end of each session you take away a handbook covering course material and the techniques to practise at home.

For more information about personal development courses, can be found on my website, to get in touch with me please use the contact form on my home page..

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