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Integrity Couse Journey

  The Integrity Course 

   Wellbeing and Life Skills Program


Includes a Complimentary Workbook, Journal and Handouts Relevant to Each Theme.

Virtual 1-1 Sessions,

with personalised coaching


The Integrity Course is a dynamic online experience accessible to participants across the UK. Melanie, a dedicated Wellbeing Coach and therapeutic Counsellor, will be your guide.

Engage in real-time interactions, integrative experiences, and discussions aligned with session themes.

Who Can Benefit

This course is Ideal for Individuals Seeking Transformation: The Integrity Course is tailored for those desiring a profound shift in self-awareness and patterns. It's designed to boost emotional and physical resilience while guiding you towards holistic well-being.


Referrals are now being accepted.

Limited Spaces Available!

Embark on a Transformative Journey of Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Join Melanie for a transformative experience. Over six Zoom sessions, we explore six key domains aligned with each session's theme. These domains are exclusively explored with you and adapted to resonate with your own personal journey.

On this path of integrity, you'll acquire practical strategies, skills, and techniques to enrich your overall wellbeing, enhance personal development and help you make sustainable changes.

Private One-to-One Sessions

Individualised coaching sessions ensure exclusivity and a focus on your personal requirements.

Semi-Structured Content
(Guided Themes)

Each session integrates approaches and tools with your unique journey, providing valuable insights for change.

Complimentary Handout Materials

Access a wealth of valuable resources that complement your sessions.

Confidential Wellbeing Support

Rest assured, your journey is confidential and safe, fostering open exploration and personal growth.

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