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Wellbeing Programs  

1-1 C
oaching & Psychoeducation


 Wellbeing Coaching
Programs, Packages & Single Intensive Session(s)

Includes a Complimentary Workbook, Journal and Handouts Relevant to Each Theme.


Coaching can help you develop your personal capabilities, interpersonal skills, and capacity to understand and empathise with others. I offer this as a stand-alone service for private sessions and as an integrative approach in my other services. For example, Coaching skills naturally come through when offering psychoeducation around new theories in CBT approaches and also co-regulation skills, such as breathing exercises for mental health problems like anxiety, whenever helpful and suitable for you, this is all complimentary within private integrative therapy sessions.

 Please get in touch to book a friendly 30-minute no-obligation conversation to discuss your personal requirements.

Other Integrative & Psychoeducation
  • Gestalt 

  • Transactional Anaylsis

  • Attatchment Theory

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Approaches 

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