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Short-term Solutions    Focused 

Counselling & Therapy

Private Short-term Counselling/Therapy 

Short-term Counselling/Therapy is also known as Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT).  

SFBT is a modern approach to psychotherapy that focuses on problems in the here and now instead of dwelling on the past. As the name suggests, it is a solution-focused approach, which focuses on setting goals and working out how to achieve them. It’s about promoting positive change by encouraging you to focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t.

What are Solution Focused Approaches?

SFBT utilises evidence-based strategies like coaching, psychotherapy, and motivational style questions. The focus is on widening aspirations, dreams and vision for goals while minimising unhelpful parts of the self that create blocks in the change process.

Sessions can be booked as a block of six, eight or twelve. Ad-hoc Single Intensive sessions can also be booked as maintenance, a motivational booster, or to focus on a minor setback.


Please seek open-ended, longer-term therapy for complex deeper rooted issues or to process issues from the past.

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