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Wellbeing Matters

Counselling, Psychotherapy
& Wellbeing Coaching

Melanie Rivera

MBACP, BSc (Hons), Dip HE

Counsellor | Integrative Psychotherapist

& Wellbeing Coach



Hello, I'm Melanie Rivera,

Counsellor, Integrative Psychotherapist & Wellbeing Coach. 

As a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), I work with adults 18+ who may be struggling with trauma, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, and more.

I offer a supportive space where you can gain a deeper perspective on your troubling situations. Together, we can explore how you are feeling and responding to these challenges.

You are always at the heart of our work. Through empathy, intuition, and humanistic and integrative approaches, it is my intention as your therapist to help you reflect and process your experiences so that you can move and evolve through them and hopefully begin to heal and start feeling more joy, confidence and resilience.​

Integrative counselling and psychotherapy offer a holistic and flexible way of working together. I tailor a variety of therapeutic models to your individual needs, with each session lasting 1 hour. This ensures ample time to process your concerns and where appropriate we can draw from a particular approach to help you with a persistent issue, whether that be around acceptance, making a change or developing healthy ways to cope.

While I predominantly offer one-to-one sessions online across the UK, I also provide some in-person EMDR sessions in the Purbeck area of Dorset, UK. 

I understand that choosing the right therapist is a crucial step in your healing journey.

It is important that you feel confident in making the best choice for you, which is why I offer a free initial phone conversation. This allows us to discuss your therapeutic requirements and give you a clear understanding of the therapy I offer and how we might tailor a plan that is right for you.

​​Warm Regards,

Melanie Rivera

About Melanie

Since 1996, my own life experiences and challenges have paved the way for dedicated research, studies, and professional training in the fields of mental health, well-being, personal development, and therapy.

My extensive personal and professional experience has enabled me to develop the relational depth and empathy required for introspective and reflective psychotherapeutic work, allowing for deeper processing and healing potential.

I currently work as a therapist in private practice and hold a counselling and well-being coaching contract with IOM.

Private Therapy Services

I offer three main service options to adults aged 18 and above in one-on-one sessions:

  • Open-Ended Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • Short-Term Counselling

  • Wellbeing Coaching

Sessions are available remotely (online) to adults across the UK. I also have a few in-person spaces available for EMDR in the Purbecks area of Dorset, UK.

Wellbeing Coaching

In 2009, following my NLP Master Practitioner training, I gained valuable experience 

working in various hubs, JCP centres, prisons, and probation services, where I delivered coaching programs.


These initiatives involved co-delivered group workshops, one-on-one coaching and support within diverse community settings.

The Integrity Course is a Wellbeing and Life Skills program that is delivered through contract work.

Melanie Rivera

Melanie J Rivera

MBACP Counsellor,
Integrative Psychotherapist
& Wellbeing Coach

 BSc (Hons). HND. Dip HE


Embrace your unique Journey...

I invite you to book a free phone conversation with me to determine if I'm the right person to guide you on your journey to well-being.


Recommended for medium to high-intensity problems.

Process Difficult Emotions and create change at a deeper level:

Low Self Esteem
Relationship Probs
Midlife Crisis
Struggling to Cope
Difficult Changes
Life Transition
Common Mental Health 


Recommended for persistent high-Intensity problems  

Heals, Desensitises and reprocesses trauma:

Distressing memories


And more...

Recommended for mild irritating problems and maintenance.

Short-term therapy
(quick fix):

Work Issues
Relationship Issue
Changing Habit

Life Purpose

(Flying, Exam, Test, Interview, first date, etc..)

Recommended for motivation, maintenance and general well-being.

Coaching, guided support and psychoeducation:

Feel More Motivated
Boost Confidence
Kickstart new habits
Clearer Direction in Life

Boost Relationship(s)
Feel prepared to take on a new challenge


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