• Melanie Rivera

Evoking Transformation

When we want to make important life changes quite often we focus on superficial things or goals that fail to get to the root of what change we really need…

Naturally we may divert from the heart of the matter or gloss over harsh reality.

We may do this as a form of distraction if we feel that something is too hard to face or that may seem too much of a challenge.

However when we are prepared to uncover deeper meanings and face our reality we often experience hidden strengths that we never knew existed or that we had simply forgotten about…

In this new found strength big changes can take place, new beliefs can be born based on a new found reality!!

If you want to make some new changes in your life, here are some good questions to ask yourself…

Q1: If you could improve one area of your life what would it be?

Q2: If you could achieve one main goal what would it be?

Q3: If you could get rid of one main problem what would it be?

Q4: Why is this problem such a problem?

Q5: How might you be manifesting this problem or making it worse?

Q6: How might all your answers so far be linked??

Task: Write down one main life area that is very important to you…

One that you feel would have a positive impact on choices, values and habits you make / create in other areas of your life.

Q7: What single action or decision could you make today that would help you on your way to achieving this?

Q8: What bad habits do not support the higher good of this and therefore need to be broken?

Q8: What healthy new behaviours and habits can you keep doing each day that will support the higher good of this?

Q9: ultimately what results do you want to see?

Q10: Is there a deeper reason for wanting these results?

Q11: How might they impact other people who are important to you in life?

Q12: How can you involve people in a positive way.. who are important to you?

Q13: How will you know your on the right track? What will you hear, see and feel?

Q14: Is there anything that might stand in your way, hold you back or waver your confidence in achieving this?

Q15: How will you deal with this if it shows up? What will give you an extra shot of courage when you really need it?

Q16: What resources, help or knowledge etc, might help you with your journey and achievement of this?

Best Wishes

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